Sizing Charts

Please use these sizing charts to determine the best size for your body.
If you have any questions about how to measure, what size would be appropriate, or if your measurements
fall out of the ranges listed below please Contact Us or visit our Etsy Shop for further assisstance

Doublet Sizing Chart
Small 34-36 inch chest/less than or equal to 30 inch waist
Medium 38-40 inch chest/31-35 inch waist
Large 42-44 inch chest/36-39 inch waist
XL 46-48 inch chest/40-42 inch waist
2XL 50-52 inch chest/50-52 inch waist
Shirt Sizing Chart
Small 34-36 inch chest/girth
Medium 38-40 inch chest/girth
Large 42-44 inch chest/girth
XL 46-48 inch chest/girth
2XL 50-52 inch chest/girth
Trews Sizing Chart
Small 28-30 inch waist
Medium 32-34 inch waist
Large 36-38 inch waist
XL 40-42 inch waist
2XL 44-46 inch waist
3XL 48-50 inch waist